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Dear parents,

Myself being from rural background, I am confident our kids ability. They are smart ,talented and physically more fit than so called urban students. As they are not

trained & groomed on proper platform, they carry inferiority complex when exposed to national or international platform. Being in social service in rural Maharashtra, my dream is to make farmers kids ready for international

Saraswati Global School been established with a vision to create highly educated next generation from our rural locality. Our Saraswati Global School will have all educational facilities at par to global Standards. We want to provide our kids other needed support to make them ready for international challenges & ultimately India globally competent to take up the challenges of ever expanding fields.

The Saraswati Global School is dedicated to the goal of educating students with state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly qualified and capable faculty. Since its inception, has laid a lot of emphasis on quality education. We have developed and introduced an in-house system of quality assurance, which on a continuous basis evaluates and monitors the quality of education imparted to students. We train and groom our students in such a way that they are not only academically equipped but also have an all round developed personality to face the challenges of the corporate world with confidence and commitment.

We are also very proud of our dedicated team of qualified faculty who whole heartedly work towards providing the students the best they can, at the same time upgrading themselves of the latest trends. We wish our students all the best to excel in and emerge as good and healthy humans to face challenges of deamding world.

Hon. Prithviraj Deshmukh


Saraswati Global School